Professional Certificate in International Trade

The Professional Certificate in International Trade will provide you with a practical understanding of current international trade and investment issues, the political dynamics of the negotiating environment, and the opportunities and challenges presented to businesses by the globalised economy. 

The PCIT allows you an introduction to International Trade. Comprising just two courses, it can be undertaken in a single trimester or delivered as part of a customised training program; it is most ideal if you are seeking a working knowledge of international trade.

IIT student

You will leave our program with a working knowledge of:

  • principles in international trade.
  • international trade agreements and negotiations.
  • trade negotiation principles and protocols.
  • structural and regulatory obstacles that inhibit cross-border trade and investment.
  • how international trade agreements influence the development and adaptation of trade policy through domestic legislation.
  • enabling factors that foster competition, open markets and enhance productivity.
  • the ability to critically examine the operation and application of international trade agreements in a practical context.
  • effective skills, both orally and in writing, in the construction of policy argument and analysis on international trade issues.

Simon Peter Nsereko, Professional Certificate in International Trade Graduate

"The Professional Certificate in International Trade (PCIT) at IIT is unique. The course is delivered by experts who have practiced trade policy and negotiations at the global level and this makes the training experience very interactive and practical. Participation in the course built my understanding and confidence in articulating trade policy issues while ensuring a balance between national development interests and alignment of public policies to regional and global trade policy frameworks. The continuous engagement between the Institute and its alumni is also commendable as it creates important platforms for exposure, networking and never-ending professional development. This training package was instrumental in enabling me to pursue a more challenging career to support national and international development through the United Nations."