About Us

The Institute for International Trade (IIT) is a leading institution with a global focus and a reputation for providing academically rigorous and practical trade training, policy advice and technical assistance relating to international trade policy and practice.

We bring together leading academics, experienced trade practitioners and negotiators to address key challenges faced by businesses and governments seeking to expand trade and investment opportunities globally.

IIT has a unique staffing profile and a vast network of associate experts with backgrounds in the fields of international trade, services trade, trade law, trade and economic analysis, trade negotiations, policy research and implementation, and the delivery of technical assistance, development and capacity building programs.

The integration of IIT into the University of Adelaide allows it to engage with trade issues in a multidisciplinary setting, and to draw on a large body of economic, legal, business, innovation and trade-related expertise, by bringing together academics, trade practitioners and negotiators from national governments and international organisations.

We have significant expertise in the development and delivery of customised research and training programs in the area of international trade. In addition, the team has internationally and regionally recognised expertise specifically with respect to measurement of trade policy restrictiveness, services trade and investment policy reform, global and regional value chain mapping and structural reform impact analysis, as well as many aspects of regional economic partnerships and RTAs (rules of origin, non-tariff barriers, trade facilitation, standards, dispute settlement etc.).

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    Our multidisciplinary team has the requisite skills and cumulative experience to successfully support the delivery of an ambitious range of projects. Our team has demonstrated experience in:

    • capacity building through human capital development, development of robust trade architecture and regulatory institutions;
    • analysis of services trade and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI);
    • development of strategic trade policy;
    • evaluation of the effectiveness of global and preferential trade agreements with a view of global supply and value chains;
    • impact analyses of WTO accession, services trade and FDI policy, domestic industry capacity, and regional integration through multilateral trade agreements;
    • trade and development issues, including identification of binding constraints;
    • comparative regional trade policy;
    • analysis of Services Trade Restrictiveness Indicators (OECD STRI) and trade statistics, including Trade in Value Added Data;
    • simulation and modelling of open economies (GTAP, Gravity Modeling, input/output analysis);
    • survey methodologies and conduct of surveys in developing economies;
    • facilitation of a wide variety of high-level conferences, workshops and seminars for the purpose of disseminating research outcomes and advocating for trade.
  • Institute staff

  • Titleholders

    The Institute works with a variety of specialists in the trade arena. Titleholders form a crucial part of the network, bringing a unique blend of practice, experience, and academic excellence to our work.

    • Visiting Fellow Andrew Stoler

    Andrew Stoler was Deputy Director-General of the Geneva-based World Trade Organization (1999-2002).  Earlier, he had a long career (1979-1999) as a negotiator with the Office of the United States Trade Representative, Executive Office of the President, in Washington, DC and Geneva, Switzerland. Prior to joining USTR, he worked on international trade negotiations with the U.S. Department of Commerce. From January 2003 until the end of 2011, Mr. Stoler was the foundation Executive Director of the Institute for International Trade at the University of Adelaide.  He currently serves on the Advisory Committee of the European Centre for International Political Economy and is a member of the International Academic Advisory Board of the United States Studies Centre (USSC) at the University of Sydney.

    • Professor Emeritus Christopher Findlay

    Professor Christopher Findlay was until October 2018 the Executive Dean of the Faculty of the Professions at the University of Adelaide.   Earlier positions include Professor of Economics in the Asia Pacific School of Economics and Government at the Australian National University (ANU) (1999 - 2005) and Head of the School of Economics at the University of Adelaide (2005 – 2011).  He has a PhD in Economics from the ANU and is also a graduate of the University of Adelaide.   He is a Member of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia and a Member in the General Division of the Order of Australia (AM).  Findlay’s research interests include Australia’s economic relationships with Asia, especially in the services sector.   He is currently vice Chair of the Australian Pacific Economic Cooperation Committee

    • Visiting Fellow Jim Redden

    Jim Redden has served on the Australian Trade Minister’s WTO Advisory Committee and has been part of the Australian Government’s official delegation to a number of WTO Ministerial meetings and Global Aid for Trade reviews.  He continues to advise the Australian Government on international trade and inclusive economic issues of concern to developing countries, in particular on Aid for Trade. In addition to jointly running a small consulting company and lecturing into Master Degree courses at the University of Adelaide in trade policy, global business and international aid and development, Jim Redden is the Executive Officer of the Australian Trade and Development Business Network, a private sector organisation which facilitates private-public partnerships for development and advocates for a stronger role for a responsible private sector in global poverty reduction activities.