Past events

Sustainability in European Union Trade Policy

30 June, 2023. The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence hosted its inaugural seminar on Sustainability in European Union Trade Policy. The EU’s trade policy sets out to support a transformation of its economy and help foster global sustainable development. This can substantially influence global trade and investment and serve as an instrument to attain climate neutrality.

Reforming EU Rules of Origin Applied to Trade Agreements with Africa - Webinar (Copy)

Thursday, 10 November 2022 The Institute for International Trade (IIT), through its Centre of Excellence in International Trade & Global Affairs, held a webinar and  presentation on the case for Reforming EU Rules of Origin Applied to Trade Agreements with Africa.

The Russia-Ukraine War, Sanctions, and the G20's Relations with Russia

Wednesday, 4th May 2022 .The Institute for International Trade (IIT) and the G20-related Trade and Investment Network (TIRN) hosted an interactive webinar on The Russia-Ukraine War, Sanctions, and the G20’s Relations with Russia. The West answered the invasion of the Ukraine by Russian troops with swift and unprecedented sanctions, which addressed both the political nomenklatura and the economy. 

Update on the CPTPPA Agreement

Tuesday 12 April, 2022. The Institute for International Trade, in the School of Economics and Public Policy, was delighted to host Elisabeth Bowes, First Assistant Secretary in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, to update us on the process and issues pertaining to the CPTPP expansion, as well as the general progress of the agreement. 

Swedish Perspectives on the Green Transition

30 March 2022. Presented by Deputy Head of Mission Per Linnér. Hosted by Institute for International Trade, Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. Deputy Head of Mission Per Linnér provided a presentation titled ‘Swedish Perspectives on the EU’s Green Transition’. The presentation first provided an overview of the key forces driving Sweden’s political positioning and policy-making on green economy development, noting the powerful societal and grassroots origins of Swedish environmentalism that is energised by a strong sense of urgency to resolve climate change.

Leveraging the Full Potential of Plurilateral Initiatives in the WTO

Tuesday 23rd November, 2021. The Institute for International Trade (IIT), the Trade and Investment Research Network (TIRN)  & TIRN steering committee organizations,held a webinar with leading experts for an interactive discussion on the "Plurilateral Initiatives in the World Trade Organization (WTO)". The webinar serves to launch the Policy Brief to a global audience in advance of the WTO’s Twelfth Ministerial Conference. A moderated presentation and ensuing interactive discussion involving a selected group of experts.

Introduction to Digital Trade

LAUNCH EVENT: "Introduction to Digital Trade" Online Board and Executive Learning Video. A suit of online learning modules were developed in collaboration with Queen Mary University of London, Orebro University, Council on Economic Policies and Australian Services Roundtable. The launch of these learning modules was hosted by ASR, with funding support of the TIISA Network and Erasmus+ Funding. 

Strengthening African Agricultural Trade: The Case For Domestic Support Entitlement Reforms

15th December, 2021. The University of Adelaide's Institute for International Trade (IIT) launched its latest research report on Strengthening African Agricultural Trade: The Case For Domestic Support Entitlement Reforms. At the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) twelfth Ministerial Conference at the end of 2021, WTO members are again considering how best to reform domestic support (subsidies) to agriculture.

Special and differential treatment (SDT) in the World Trade Organisation (WTO)

Monday 22 November, 2021. The Institute for International Trade (IIT) presented their findings of a global opinion survey on rethinking Special and Differential Treatment (SDT) in the World Trade Organisation (WTO). The webinar was held intention of enhancing understanding of the pertinent issues pertaining to, and different perspectives on, Special and Differential Treatment (SDT) amongst key stakeholders in international trade policy.

Trade Skills and Knowledge in the Private Sector

Tuesday 14 September, 2021. The Institute for International Trade (IIT) in partnership with the Global Trade Professionals Alliance (GTPA), Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and Ernst & Young LLP, held an interactive webinar with leading experts for an interactive discussion on emerging trade capacity gaps for businesses.

Australia - China Trade Relations

Wednesday 1 September, 2021. The Institute for International Trade (IIT) in partnership with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), together with leading experts, held an interactive webinar on the Australia-China Trade Relations. Over 80 participants joined this critical discussion, watch the webinar now! 

APEC Capacity Building Webinar - Services Domestic Regulation

Tuesday 17 August, 2021. APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation)  Capacity Building Webinar: hosted by USTR. "Translating APEC’s Non-Binding Principles for Domestic Regulation for the Services Sector into Practice - A Focus on Domestic Regulations in Trade Agreements"  TIISA Network Director Prof Jane Drake-Brockman moderated and presented in this highly informative and critical topic. 

India's Economic Reforms and Implications for Australia

Wednesday 28 July, 2021
The Institute for International Trade (IIT) in partnership with the Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS), National University of Singapore, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), and The Australian Industry Group (Ai Group®), hosted an interactive webinar on India’s economic reforms and implications for Australia.

Stakeholder Perspectives on an Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement

Tuesday 6 July, 2021 - Follow up event from 21 June 2021
The United Kingdom and Australia launched negotiations for a free trade agreement (FTA) on 17 June 2020. Both sides committed to an ambitious and comprehensive agreement that covers services, investment and digital trade. With an agreement-in-principle now in place, the focus turns to how to maximise the benefits of the agreement and the future of Australia-UK services trade. 

Webinar: Services Domestic Regulation

Thursday 6 May, 2021
Over 140 participants from around the globe joined leading experts for an interactive and topical webinar discussing the WTO Joint Initiative on Services Domestic Regulation, hosted by the Institute for International Trade.  A large high level panel, lead by key note speaker Jaime Coghi Arias - co-ordinator of the Joint Initiative spelled out the benefits of the potential Agreement

Webinar: US Trade Policy

Wednesday 5 May, 2021.
Under the Trump administration U.S. trade policy took a decidedly unilateralist turn, which had significant negative effects for multilateralism, referring to cooperation between nations in a rules-based world trading system. IIT’s Executive Director Professor Peter Draper provides probing moderation to draw out the key insights, in a must-watch conversation on U.S. trade policy.

Interactive Discussion on Revitalising Multilateralism

Tuesday 23 February, 2020.  Leading experts from Asian Trade Centre, International Law and Global Governance, Edinburgh Law School, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade joined IIT to discuss recently published
e-book Revitalising Multilateralism: Pragmatic ideas for the new World Trade Organisation (WTO) Director General.

Virtual Briefing: The Treatment of Innovation in the Australia-UK FTA

Friday 12 February, 2021. The British High Commission in Canberra, in partnership with the Australian British Chamber of Commerce and the Institute for International Trade
co-hosted an interactive webinar with London-based experts from the UK Department for International Trade  to discuss perspectives on how to ensure delivery of pro-innovation outcomes in the Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement (Australia-UK FTA). 

Bilateral EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI)

Wednesday 27 January, 2021. 
The Institute for International Trade in collaboration with the Chinese University of Hong Kong & the European Services Forum, co-hosted the first 2021 Policy Outreach webinar for the Jean Monnet Network: Trade & Investment in Services Associates (TIISA)
The topic was the Bilateral EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment and the Key Note Speaker was the EU Chief Negotiator for the Agreement, Ms Maria Martin-Prat.

What is the G20's role in reforming industrial subsidies?

The Institute for International Trade partnered with the Trade and Investment Research Network to deliver an informative webinar with our distinguished panel for a substantive discussion on the G20's role in reforming industrial subsidies. ‘What is the G20's role in reforming industrial subsidies?’ was the central question assessed by a panel of distinguished trade experts during this recent webinar.

TIISA 2020 Annual Conference

Co-hosted with University of International Business and Economics' China Institute for WTO Studies and the University of Adelaide's Institute for International Trade (IIT), TIISA hosted the 2020 Annual Conference & PhD Workshop. Working together, IIT and UIBE provided an accessible way for the Jean Monnet Network on Trade and Investment in Services Associates to come together as a research network to conduct an online annual conference format. Hybrid face to face and online options were made available. To view all webinars and presentations, click on read more.

TIISA 2020 PhD Workshop: Trade & Investment in Services

Leading services experts from across the globe, along with Post Graduate students worldwide came together in TIISA's 2020 first online PhD Workshop. Discussions and presentations in relation to the impact of "servicification". Day 1, Post Graduate students from Central University of Finance and Economics, China, Australian National University, The University of Adelaide took part . Day two saw the launch of "Online Teaching Masterclasses" lead by Professor Jane Drake-Brockman. To view all presentations click  'read more'.

Geneva Trade Week

29 September, 2020 The Jean Monnet Network - Trade & Investment in Services Associates (TIISA) presented Session 9 in the Digital Trade stream. Competition & Innovation in the Digital Age: Pro-Innovation Domestic & International Governance. Presentations highlighted critical issues on how policymakers and regulators can encourage both competition and innovation by facilitating trade in digitalised services and free flow of data.

Interactive Webinar - Prospects for Commonwealth Trade in a Post-COVID Landscape

24 September 2020, The Institute for International Trade held an interactive webinar with the Commonwealth Secretariat in London on the prospects, opportunities and challenges for Commonwealth trade in the global trading landscape. The webinar highlighted the main findings from two forthcoming studies by the Commonwealth Secretariat on (1) the Commonwealth’s trade in a post-COVID landscape; and (2) the implications of the slowing Indian economy for Commonwealth trade.

Report on Potential Benefits of an Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement

IIT hosted an online discussion on potential benefits of an Australia-UK free trade agreement with Elisabeth Bowes, Chief Negotiator, Regional Trade Agreements Division, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), and Vivien Life, Director Asia and Australasia Negotiations within the UK Department for International Trade. The two negotiators emphasized the like-mindedness of the UK and Australia when it came to international trade, implying that an agreement could be reached speedily.

Report Launch & Policy Discussion on the Indian Ocean Rim Association

(AECT) IIT launched its latest report, Building Trade Integration Dynamics in the Indian Ocean Rim Association: A Technical Analysis, and engaged in an interactive discussion with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) on the evolution of trade, investment and regional integration amongst IORA member states since 1997, and the strategic opportunities to enhance trade across the region in a post-COVID-19 world.

Globalization, Robotics and the Future of Work "The Globotics Upheaval"

 IIT hosted a Public Seminar at The National Wine Centre. Globalization, Robotics and the Future of Work "The Globotics Upheaval" Presented by Professor Richard Baldwin, International Economics at the Graduate Institute, Geneva. In a world of disruptors and “virtual” globalization, how should we prepare and respond to “future-proof” jobs and hard-won prosperity? Who will be the winners, and who the losers?



The Role of SME's in Services Trade & the Potential for SME development

November 5th, 2020. Industry Professor Jane Drake-Brockman presented at the Conexión INTAL event by Instituto para la Integración de América Latina y el Caribe (INTAL), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). This years focus was about Knowledge-Based Services (SBC) and their potential for the economic development of the region through international trade.



Economic Coercion & International Trade. Policy Roundtable

Wednesday 30 March, 2022. Policy Roundtable, ‘Economic Coercion and International Trade: the nature of the challenge and policy response options’. Hosted by Institute for International Trade, sponsored by Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. Arbitrary instances of economic coercion by state actors have become frequent in recent years, undermining multilateral norms and rules. In Brussels and Canberra there is growing concern and debate over the systemic quality of such coercion, as well as how to respond while maintaining a stable international trading system. Swedish Deputy Head of Mission Per Linnér will provide an EU perspective on this critical issue, followed by a brief overview of geopolitical trends driving coercion from IIT’s Dr Naoise McDonagh.



Developments in the WTO Appellate Body

IIT hosted Professor James Bacchus, who currently serves as a Distinguished University Professor of Global Affairs and the Director of the Centre for Global Economic and Environmental Opportunity at the University of Central Florida. Prof Bacchus presented "Developments in the WTO Appellate Body"



New Developments in Trade and Regionalism: Case of Australia, China, and East Asia

IIT hosted a 2 day workshop to bring together a group of distinguished economists from CUFE and University of Adelaide to discuss their latest research on trade and development, with a focus on the emerging trend of trade and regionalism, dynamic labor market linkages in an open economy, trade impacts on environment, impact of FDI on domestic economy, and global value chains.



Africa Trade Policy in Interesting Times

IIT brought together a distinguished panel of experts on various aspects of Africa’s international trade policy and practice to explore these dynamics and what they mean for African trade dynamics and policy. The African international and continental trading environment is currently experiencing a period of rapid change characterised by positive developments.



3rd PhD Summer Institute in International Trade 

The University of Adelaide’s Institute for International Trade (IIT) hosted the 3rd PhD Summer Institute in International Trade. The first two summer institutes took place in February 2017 and February 2018, and its objective is to provide PhD students in this field with a platform for discussing their ideas with both fellow PhD students and senior scholars.



Brexit - What it means for Australia

The Institute for International Trade (IIT) in partnership with The Australian British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) hosted a panel discussion at the National Wine Centre.  "Brexit - What it means for Australia". An expert panel shed light on the latest Brexit developments. Topical discussions on the political and economic developments in both London and Brussels, along with what all of this means for Australia and a possible Australia/UK trade deal.