The Institute for International Trade has more than 15 years’ experience conducting trade-related research in both academic and applied settings.

    Our research covers the multilateral trading system, many substantive trade policy issues, and a range of geographies including: the Pacific; East, Southeast, and South Asia; Europe; and sub-Saharan Africa. We focus particularly on developing economies. Our research is anchored in Australian trade policy and negotiations perspectives, yet transcends these as our international team engages with the issues and contexts from a variety of national, cultural, disciplinary, and occupation backgrounds.

    Interdisciplinary and policy-oriented research

    We currently focus on four cross-cutting policy-oriented research programmes.

    Our primary objectives across these research themes are:

    • Respond and shape thinking on a range of key ‘over the horizon’ issues shaping the international trade and investment policy landscape from an Australian and wider regional perspective,
    • Produce quality academic journal articles and policy-oriented working papers, policy briefs, opinions outputs,
    • Provide a focus for our PhD programme,
    • Anchor our diversified teaching programmes in real-world issues and the latest academic and policy research in relation to them.

    Jean Monnet Network

    Funded under the EU Erasmus Plus Program, the Jean Monnet program funds teaching and research on EU policies and fosters dialogue between academics, decision-makers and civil society actors around the world.

    Jean Monnet Network


    Our extensive research programme affords us multiple insights. Consulting brings together discipline knowledge and practical expertise to conduct research that helps shape public policy, facilitates wider and more effective participation in trade and promotes economic development.

    Consulting services