Trade, Technology and Security

As the trade tensions that have erupted since 2017 have spilled over into techno-nationalism and steps already being taken to achieve technological decoupling between the United States and China, we risk a future global economy characterised by fragmentation, mistrust, and a breakdown in inter-governmental cooperation generally.

As the world faces an unprecedented era of global crises in the face of ecological disasters, climate shocks, and (more recently) health pandemics -among others - we likewise must rise to the challenge of collective action, including in the areas of innovation and technology.

Research agenda

We seek to separate the signal from the noise and identify what trade and investment policy responses are best suited to supporting both the private sector and governments to achieve their respective objectives in the areas of innovation and technology, while at the same time ensuring governments maintain the policy space they need in order to act quickly and effectively to safeguard vital national security interests.

Our objectives 

  • Provide researchers, policymakers, and leaders from both the private sector and government with a better understanding of how these different areas interact 
  • Improve the comprehension on what legislative, regulatory and policy interventions in the areas of trade and investment are the most likely to achieve optimum outcomes in terms of supporting innovation, advancing technology and maintaining security.

Interested in becoming a research student?

Our Higher Degree Research degree encompasses a diverse range of topics and disciplines, including basic and applied research addressing contemporary trade issues and informing trade policy discussions. PhD students from a variety of disciplines play a critical role in the development of our rich multidisciplinary research environment.

Higher Degree Research

Consulting services

Our extensive research programme affords us multiple insights. Consulting brings together discipline knowledge and practical expertise to conduct research that helps shape public policy, facilitates wider and more effective participation in trade and promotes economic development.

Consulting services