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Master of Economics and Resource Policy with a specialisation in International Trade

In today's global landscape, proactive steps towards sustainable growth are crucial. Collaboration on a global scale is essential for securing a prosperous future. Mastering trade and investment policies is now vital for business success and economic progress. This program equips you with expertise and networks for positive transformations. You will delve deeply into critical issues, emphasising practical application and skill refinement to prepare you for impactful contributions in the field of international trade.

Trade training programs

These training programs help to develop the capability of industry, government and trade officials to navigate and negotiate current trade issues, implement regulatory reforms and ultimately enhance their capability to participate in international trade, boost economic development and alleviate poverty in their countries and regions. 

Hiwot Nurgi, Trade policy and negotiation skills graduate

"The IIT short course on 'trade policy and negotiation skills' provided me with the much deeper knowledge than I was looking for as a lecturer of ‘international trade law’. It gave me knowledge and skills that strengthen my role as a teacher and researcher on the subject. The fact that the courses were given by the very well-known and prestigious trade experts and professors had also contributed to the quality of the training that I received which has given me the opportunity to grasp their expertise. In addition, the networking links with other African fellow students of the program has also given me a very unique opportunity of learning and sharing experiences which I have used in my community service engagement."