Working Papers

IIT’s working papers series conveys current ideas and works in progress on major trade and development issues. 

We aim to disseminate our latest research in order to contribute substantially to the knowledge base through informing, influencing, and improving the practice of international trade policy and negotiations. 

These papers are technical in nature and written in the style of a journal paper, yet the ideas are presented in accessible formats to enable a wider readership. 

The views expressed in a working paper are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the University of Adelaide or IIT.

Latest working papers

Industrial Subsidies, market competition, global trade and investment: Towards a research agenda

Subsidization by states of their domestic industries to gain competitive advantage abroad is a perennial topic in international trade discussions. As the world moves into a multipolar environment and China rises in economic prominence, the rules governing subsidies, particularly to the industrial sector, are in the spotlight. The politics of reform are fraught, for a range of reasons ranging from states’ geo-economic positioning, through paralysis in the World Trade Organization, to domestic social considerations.

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