IIT Podcasts


The Institute for International Trade (IIT) has joined with The Australian Centre for International Trade and Investment (ACITI) to launch our new Podcast Trade Policy Decoded.

Trade Policy Decoded is for anyone with an interest in international trade policy - both experts and trade policy novices. We cover trade policy in Australia and the world.

Hosted Prof Peter Draper Executive Director, Institute for International Trade and Pru Gordon, Executive Director of Australian Centre for International Trade and Investment.

TPD provides trade policy updates, information and analysis that’s timely, easy to access, super interesting and insightful.

  • Episode 1       Welcome to Trade Policy Decoded, the Australia-China Trade Relationship and Climate Clubs
  • Episode 2       Green Shoots at the WTO?
  • Episode 3       IPEF - A case of the emperor's new clothes or values imperialism?
  • Episode 4       The Australia-European Union Trade Relationship
  • Episode 5       Trade and Climate Change - what went down at the ACITI Annual Conference
  • Episode 6       Australia-China Trade Relations after PM Albanese's and Peter Draper's visit
  • Episode 7       Understanding the new Values-based Trade Policy
  • Episode 8      2023 - and that's a wrap ! 
  • Episode 9      Trade Policy Tour d'Horizon
  • Episode 10    Invested: Australia's Southeast Asia Economic Strategy to 2040 with Nicholas Moore AO
  • Episode 11    MC13 and the Future of Rules Based Trade