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Funded under the EU Erasmus Plus Program, the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in International Trade and Global Affairs develop and deliver research projects, outreach and curricular activities integrating knowledge on the European Union.

The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in International Trade and Global Affairs draws on our academic strengths and experience in international trade, investment, law, business and international relations to develop and deliver research projects, outreach and curricular activités integrating knowledge on the European Union.In particular, the Centre will create synergies, promote trans-disciplinary dialogue and leverage expertise and networks to engage audiences across and beyond campus to.

The Centre will promote wider community engagement with this critical field through the dissemination of research outcomes, public seminars and workshops intended to provide audiences with the requisite knowledge and critical skills to engage in meaningful debate on important issues related to globalisation, regional integration and support effective trade policy development and regulatory governance.  

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Centre Director: Professor Peter Draper 

Peter Draper




International Trade and Sustainable Development: The Future of Climate and Biodiversity Governance

POLICY BRIEF No.26 - Dr. Tracey Dodd, Prof. Johanna Kujala, Dr. Riikka Tapaninaho, Dr. Annika Blomberg, Dr. Anna Hannula, Heta Leinonen, and Filippe Delarissa Barros. History shows that existing approaches to international treaties, like the Paris Agreement, have not yet delivered adequate action to avoid catastrophic climate change by the turn of the century. A new approach to climate and biodiversity governance is therefore needed. Specifically, one that can consider tensions brewing across the principles of national interests and trade liberalism, and the critical issue of sustainable development that can ensure global economic stability and continued productive trade between nations.



Carbon Border Tax: How the CBAM could hold great potential for Australian Business

WORKING PAPER 14: Soon the Australian government’s Carbon Leakage review will recommend whether the country should adopt a border carbon tax, or not. In our latest Working Paper Dr Susan Stone sets out her reasoning for why we should.



ACITI 2023 Annual Conference

IIT's Professor Peter Draper recently attended and presented at Australian Centre for International Trade and Investment 2023 Annual Conference.
This years focus: Emission, Environment and Energy: impact and implications for Australia's international trade and investment



Sustainability in European Union Trade Policy

30 June, 2023. The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence hosted its inaugural seminar on Sustainability in European Union Trade Policy. The EU’s trade policy sets out to support a transformation of its economy and help foster global sustainable development. This can substantially influence global trade and investment and serve as an instrument to attain climate neutrality.

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