Trade Skills and Knowledge in the Private Sector

A recent global study conducted by EY involving 400 global businesses found that many lack the trade skills and knowledge required to advance their business and growth objectives. In short – today’s businesses are missing out on opportunities that a deeper understanding of international trade policies and government decision making processes could provide.

The webinar discussed the findings of this research, and what is being done to support today's businesses to succeed in an increasingly complex global trading environment.

Over 60 participants joined our panel, with an interesting and informative Q & A to finish the session. 

Some of the questions raised and discussed 

  • The challenges and deficiencies that all presenters have mentioned are highlighted  as companies try to address trading to and from the U.K. since Brexit.  How can we best help companies cope with these challenges?
  • Given the survey findings, what is the entry point for a strategic approach? Is it an investment risk management (and transparency) issue in engaging with government, rather than the technical business of trade and trade barriers?
  • Given the situation described, what advice to business: move beyond responding to invest more in influencing trade-related policies? and if so, internally or externally (create or buy)?
  • Are there particular challenges in this area for services exporters, given the complexities (and sometimes subtleties/opacity) in services trade?  Especially as we are seeing increasing servicification of businesses.


Speakers / Discussants

Professor Peter Draper (Moderator): School of Economics and Public Policy and Executive Director, Institute for International Trade, the University of Adelaide

George Riddell (Keynote Speaker), Trade Strategy Director, Ernst & Young LLP

Nigel Spencer (Discussant), Professor of Education Innovation and Professional Practice at Queen Mary University of London

Lisa McAuley (Discussant), Chief Executive Officer, Global Trade Practitioners Alliance


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