Australia - China Trade Relations

China-Australia diplomatic relations are at their lowest point in decades.  This is reflected in trade relations that have become increasingly strained by Beijing's coercive tactics, designed to influence Australian policy making and political actions. 

Acknowledging that there is little chance of returning to the positive bilateral relationship of just five years ago, the webinar explored possible pragmatic diplomatic approaches for using trade to support a revival of mutually beneficial economic relations with China.  



Nola Watson  (Moderator), Deputy President, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chairman of International Chamber of Commerce, Australia, Chairman of Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors and Member, Advisory Board for the Institute for International Trade, the University of Adelaide

Peter Draper  Interim Head: School of Economics and Public Policy and Executive Director, Institute for International Trade, the University of Adelaide

Mike Adams  (Keynote Speaker), a former Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) economist

Bryan Clark  (Discussant), Director - Trade & International Affairs, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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