Report Launch & Policy Discussion on the Indian Ocean Rim Association

With the multilateral trading system at an impasse most economies have turned to regional trade cooperation frameworks to boost trade and investment and foster economic growth. The vast region encompassing Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) member states links major sea-lanes and is home to key global and regional transportation hubs. Twenty two years after IORA’s formal establishment, its member states should consider deeper and more meaningful trade and investment cooperation initiatives.

Discussion panel

  • Ms Nola Watson (Moderator) is President of the NSW Business Chamber and Principal of Indar, a management consulting business that provides expert advice on governance and operations.
  • Professor Peter Draper (Presenter) is Executive Director of the Institute for International Trade at The University of Adelaide.
  • Mr Bryan Clark is Director of the Australian Chamber’s International Chamber of Commerce Policy Unit. 
  • Mr James Wiblin is Assistant Secretary, India and Indian Ocean Branch, South and West Asia Division at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade .

For further insights on opportunities in IORA, read our latest opinion editorial India's Trade Policy: Embracing National Interests and Selective Engagement.

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