New Developments in Trade and Regionalism: Case of Australia, China, and East Asia

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Despite the increasing integration in Asia-Pacific regions over the past decades, globalization, the regional integration and trade in Asia faces unprecedented challenges in recent years. Trade is experiencing a slowdown in East Asian countries including China. Trade protectionism is emerging with the trade tension between U.S. and China.

We also observe challenges in the multilateral rules-based trading system in recent decade. How shall the East Asian countries and Australia respond to these challenges? How to understand the continued structural reforms in China and their impacts on East Asia and Australia? These issues will be discussed in a panel discussion by multi-disciplinary experts on trade trade and development.

Tuesday 11 June: Day 1
Trade Policy, FTAs and Regional Integration Trade and Labor Market Effects Trade, Environment and Institutional Reforms

Wednesday 12 June: Day 2
Trade Liberalization, Firm Activities and Global Value Chain Foreign Direct Investment and Global Production Value Chain Panel Discussion - Globalisation and Integration: Policy Challenges in China, Australia and East Asia


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