Webinar: Services Domestic Regulation


Through the WTO Joint Initiative on Services Domestic Regulation, a group of more than 60 WTO members are developing disciplines to mitigate the unintended trade restrictive effects of measures relating to licensing and qualification requirements and procedures, as well as technical standards. 

Negotiations are at an advanced stage and an outcome is anticipated for the WTO Ministerial Meeting in November 2021. Services industry associations from the Global Services Coalition, and the Asia Pacific Services Coalition will participate in an interactive business discussion with keynote speaker Jaime Coghi Arias, Coordinator of the WTO Joint Initiative on Services Domestic Regulation. 


Event co-hosted by 

Institute for International Trade, The University of Adelaide
Australian Services Roundtable
European Services Forum
Asia Pacific Services Coalition


Presentation - Jaime Coghi Co-Ordinator of the WTO Joint Initiative


Stuart Harbinson, Hong Kong Services Coalition, Geneva Representative  

Key Note Speaker

Jaime Coghi Arias, Coordinator of the JI on Services Domestic Regulation; Deputy Department Representative, Delegation of Cost Rica to the WTO


Prewprae Chumrum, Bureau of Services and Investment Negotiations, Thai Ministry of Commerce tbc

Pascal Kerneis, Managing Director, European Services Forum, Brussels

Kiyotaka Morita, Deputy Director, International Affairs Bureau, Keidanren

Roy Chun Lee, Deputy Executive Director, Taiwan WTO and RTA Centre, Chinese Taipei

Devi Ariyani, Executive Director, Indonesian Services Dialogue

Jason Lee, Director, International Policy & Engagement, Singapore Business Federation

Jane Drake-Brockman, Industry Professor & Director, Australian Services Roundtable

Eduardo Pedrosa, Secretary-General, Pacific Economic Cooperation Council

Patrick Chua, Philippine Services Coalition & Coordinator, Asia Pacific Services Coalition

Markus Jelitto, WTO Secretariat

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