Africa Trade Policy in Interesting Times

The African international and continental trading environment is currently experiencing a period of rapid change characterised by positive developments such as the on-going African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and growing interest in the African market from Australia and other countries, and disruptive developments including Brexit, the on-going tariff war between the US and China, and the semi-paralysis in the international trade rule-making system (most notably at the WTO).

Accordingly, the Institute for International Trade (IIT) brought together a distinguished panel of experts on various aspects of Africa’s international trade policy and practice to explore these dynamics and what they mean for African trade dynamics and policy.

Panel Presentations - Key Opportunities and Challenges for Africa In the Current Trading Environment

  • Callum McNair – Australia and the possibility of a future trade agreement with countries of Africa; and what might be in this FTA.
  • Catherine Grant – Economic outlook for key African states and the impact of global trade dynamics, including African interests in the WTO in E-commerce and trade facilitation
  • Mike Humphrey – Update on the current situation with regards to the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) negotiations; Africa and the implications of Brexit


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