TIISA 2020 PhD Workshop: Trade & Investment in Services

Leading services experts from across the globe, along with Post Graduate students worldwide came together in TIISA's 2020 first online PhD Workshop. Discussions and presentations in relation to the impact of "servicification".

The launch of "Online Teaching Masterclasses" lead by Industry Professor Jane Drake-Brockman and Network Director of the Jean Monnet Trade & Investment in Services Associates (TIISA) Network.

Day 1: PhD workshop and presentations

Harry Wardana - Institute for International Trade, The University of Adelaide
Reversal of trade liberalization and emerging market firms’ exports

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Hongxu Yang - Central University of Finance and Economics, China 
Servicification of Manufacturing Firms: Evidence from China

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Nicholas Frank - Australian National University
The political economy of PTA services-related governance: a network approach

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Day 2: Online Teaching Masterclass

Associate Professor Zhou Nianli -  UIBE, “China’s Development of Trade in Services”, video

Professor Jane Drake-Brockman - Institute for International Trade, The University of Adelaide
Introduction to Online Collaborative Teaching Modules on Trade & Investment in Services

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Module 1: Introduction to Trade in Services

Module 1 part 1: The rise of services

Module 1 part 2: Rise of Global Value Chains

Module 1 part 3: Servicification of the economy

Module 1 part 4: Service Value Chains

Module 1 part 5: Service Competitiveness


Associate Professor Zhou Nianli - University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China 

European Union

With the Support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union 

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