Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

Funded under the EU Erasmus Plus Program, the Jean Monnet Centre for Excellence in Trade and Global Affairs develop and deliver research projects, outreach and curricular activities integrating knowledge on the EU.


In particular, the Centre will create synergies, promote trans-disciplinary dialogue and leverage expertise and networks to engage audiences across and beyond campus to.

We will do this through research, educational programs and resources, and fostering the development and dissemination of new research methodologies, curricula and teaching pedagogy across the University and throughout its extensive local, national and international networks.




The Australia-European Union Free Trade Agreement: Boosting Australian Innovation and Services Exports.

21 February 2020, the Centre of Excellence and the Trade and Investment in Services Associates (TIISA) network co-hosted with the Australian Institute for International Affairs a Policy Round Table on The Australia-European Union Free Trade Agreement: Boosting Australian Innovation and Services Exports.
The Round Table centred on presentations by Jan Hutton, Deputy Chief Australian Negotiator in the FTA negotiations, and TIISA fellow Hein Roelfsema from the University of Utrecht (Netherlands) and a contribution by Cornelis Keijzer  from the EU negotiating team.  The lively Q&A were led by Jane Drake-Brockman (TIISA Coordinator) and Richard Pomfret (Centre of Excellence Director). 
The event, held at the Science Exchange in Adelaide, attracted an audience of around seventy people.



Study tour - strategy of Australia & EU Integration III

A group of University of Adelaide students are currently on a two-week study tour as part of their course on Australia-EU relations, being led by Prof Richard Pomfret.