Think20 Policy Brief: Impact of Digital Technologies and the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Trade in Services

We all know we are in the early stages of a major technological transformation. We call it the 4th Industrial Revolution. It is driven by digital technologies: 3D printing, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, 5G, and the Internet-of-Things.

These technologies are dramatically cutting trade costs for digital delivery - and putting trade in services on a stronger growth path than trade in goods. Throughout economic history, such periods of deep technological change, and resulting structural shifts, have ultimately delivered the biggest most prolonged global growth stories. With the right policy choices, designed to connect our digital economies and enable businesses to inter-operate, this new wave of deep innovation is offering us all our single best shared and immediate chance for productivity gain, economic growth and rising living standards. 

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T20 Summit Season: Task Force 1 Webinar. The webinar, which marked the beginning of our T20 Summit Season, celebrated the work of T20 Task Force 1: Trade, Investment and Growth.

(Jane Drake-Brockmans presentation begins from 1:54:26)

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