Call For Papers - Research Grants Round 4

The Jean Monnet Network Trade & Investment in Services Associates (TIISA) brings together leading academics and key institutions in domestic regulation and global governance of international services trade and investment flows to form a cross economy consortium of academics across Europe, Australia and Asia. 


TIISA Network is now offering Round 4 of Research Grants. These grants provide €500 - €5000 to support research in the field of trade and investment in services, which interalia improves knowledge of or contributes new findings relevant to the process of European economic integration in services.

Targeted research themes include:

  1. Services trade and investment policy-making and implementation
  2. Digital aspects of the EU Services Directive and single market and the implications for harmonisation of domestic regulation across the EU Member States
  3. Best practice in managing global and regional mobility of services providers
  4. EU approach to Investor/State Dispute Settlement
  5. Regional integration of trade in services
  6. Best practice Principles for domestic regulation  of services
  7. Intellectual property issues in services trade and investment flows
  8. Future governance of trade and investment in services and/or cross-border data flows
  9. Digitisation of services, including in response to the Covid-19 pandemic
  10. Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on global and EU trade in services
  11. Digital trade and e-commerce

This grant scheme is designed to  help establish cross-economy collaborative and institutional networks including with junior scholars and facilitate the transfer of research expertise and mentoring.

It is oriented to producing high-quality research outputs, develop enduring research connections, and facilitate the development of meaningful links between people and institutions with mutual research interests in the fields of trade and investment in services and EU economic integration studies. Research outcomes are expected to be published in edited volumes or  peer-reviewed journals as well as the TIISA Working Paper series (see  and circulated  to the broader public through the Jean Monnet TIISA Network websites.


Closing Dates

Monday 3rd May 2021

Eligible applicants

  • PhD Students or Potential PhD Qualifying Students (must be sponsored by a TIISA participant)
  • Post Doc and Early Career Researchers from TIISA participant institutions
  • TIISA Associates and their extended network (must be sponsored by a TIISA participant)

Any project or collaboration falling within the TIISA research areas (pg1) that contributes to the Network goals (see selection criteria) is eligible for funding under this grant.  Applications by current or potential qualifying PhD students require the endorsement of a TIISA participant staff member.

Successful applicants

Applicants will be notified no later than 4 weeks from above closing dates


€500 - €5000 *paid on approval of application

Eligible expenses

Travel[1] (economy flights only ), accommodation, conference fees, research materials including stationary, databases and software,  telecommunications, publication expenses, research assistance and editing.

Applications may be received from TIISA Associates seeking research assistance .  Applications may also be received by individuals proposing to provide the research assistance under the supervision of a TIISA Associate.

Non eligible expenses

Meals, entertainment

Acknowledgment of EU funding

It is a requirement that all research outputs acknowledge the funding support from the European Union.  All research outputs must acknowledge EU funding and incorporate the logo

(to be provided on successful application)

Final report

The attached reporting template must be completed  and forwarded with a copy of the final research output and forwarded to


Selection Criteria

  • Relevance of Research Topic to TIISA Network goals
  • Strength of research ability / supervision
  • Likelihood of completion within the TIISA project timeline
  • Likelihood of publication outcome/ presentation at TIISA Annual conference/PhD Workshop
  • Likelihood of impact by improving knowledge of trade and investment in services/ EU approach to regional economic integration in services /developing links between TIISA partners and extended networks.

[1] Successful applicants may be interested in travelling to the TIISA Annual Conference and PhD Workshop to present their draft or final research outputs; subsequent such funding applications will be treated separately.

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