Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

Funded under the EU Erasmus Plus Program, the Jean Monnet Centre for Excellence in Trade and Global Affairs develop and deliver research projects, outreach and curricular activities integrating knowledge on the EU.


In particular, the Centre will create synergies, promote trans-disciplinary dialogue and leverage expertise and networks to engage audiences across and beyond campus to.

We will do this through research, educational programs and resources, and fostering the development and dissemination of new research methodologies, curricula and teaching pedagogy across the University and throughout its extensive local, national and international networks.

A useful informatic about the EU and how it works is available in pdf format.




Joining the WTO

Richard Pomfret presented a paper on Uzbekistan’s WTO accession in the series Virtual Seminars on Applied Economics and Policy Analysis in Central Asia. The paper tracks what will be the longest ever WTO accession negotiations and emphasizes the changing nature of membership commitments since the WTO was established in 1995.  



Brexit Done, A UK-EU Trade Agreement to Go?

By Richard Pomfret, Professor of Economics & Jean Monnet Chair Economics of European Integration, the University of Adelaide
A trade agreement between the UK and EU27 looks in trouble. The UK left the EU on 31 January. 2020 is the transition year when the Withdrawal Agreement is implemented and the UK and EU reach agreement on their future relations.  Distracted by COVID, some people, e.g. Irish deputy PM Simon Coveney, argue that this timeframe for reaching agreement in future relations is too short, while UK negotiators insist that the deadline is non-negotiable.