Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

Funded under the EU Erasmus Plus Program, the Jean Monnet Centre for Excellence in Trade and Global Affairs develop and deliver research projects, outreach and curricular activities integrating knowledge on the EU.


In particular, the Centre will create synergies, promote trans-disciplinary dialogue and leverage expertise and networks to engage audiences across and beyond campus to.

We will do this through research, educational programs and resources, and fostering the development and dissemination of new research methodologies, curricula and teaching pedagogy across the University and throughout its extensive local, national and international networks.

A useful informatic about the EU and how it works is available in pdf format.




Europe and Australia: Seizing the opportunity for recovery and bounceback.

26 May, Peter Horn (Austrade General Manager, Europe) and Alison Burrows (Chief Negotiator, EU-Australia FTA) spoke in a webinar on Europe and Australia: Seizing the opportunity for recovery and bounceback



Emerging from Lockdown: Threats to the international trade system

Richard Pomfret - Professor of Economics & Jean Monnet Chair Economics of European Integration, The University of Adelaide
As COVID-19 curves flatten globally and policymakers’ attention turns to resuming economic activity safely, attention is inevitably focused on domestic matters. What is the trade-off between the economic costs of caution that delays economic revival and the health costs of over-hasty removal of measures that are holding back the spread of the virus?