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Improving border adjustment mechanisms

Gas emissions

Despite several attempts and significant progress, broad agreement on the most appropriate way to manage conflicts between international trade and environmental issues has yet to emerge. Consequently, this paper begins with a search for a set of principles to guide the use of border adjustment mechanisms to ameliorate global environmental problems or, as economists call them, global externalities.
Ten principles are developed, and then applied to the European Union's current CBAM design, and recommendations for improving that design are put forward. As this CBAM is rooted in the EU's Emissions Trading System, broad recommendations for aligning the ETS with the principles are also offered.

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The Russia-Ukraine War, Sanctions, and the G20's Relations with Russia

Economy Growth

Wednesday, 4th May 2022 .The Institute for International Trade (IIT) and the G20-related Trade and Investment Network (TIRN) hosted an interactive webinar on The Russia-Ukraine War, Sanctions, and the G20’s Relations with Russia. The West answered the invasion of the Ukraine by Russian troops with swift and unprecedented sanctions, which addressed both the political nomenklatura and the economy. 

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The Role of SME's in Services Trade & the Potential for SME development

November 5th, 2020. Industry Professor Jane Drake-Brockman presented at the Conexión INTAL event by Instituto para la Integración de América Latina y el Caribe (INTAL), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). This years focus was about Knowledge-Based Services (SBC) and their potential for the economic development of the region through international trade.

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Introduction to Digital Trade

Digital Economy

LAUNCH EVENT: "Introduction to Digital Trade" Online Board and Executive Learning Video. A suit of online learning modules were developed in collaboration with Queen Mary University of London, Orebro University, Council on Economic Policies and Australian Services Roundtable. The launch of these learning modules was hosted by ASR, with funding support of the TIISA Network and Erasmus+ Funding. 

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