Our Programs

IIT’s diverse learning approaches are rich in focused teaching, contextualised and individualised learning, interactive experiences, and content targeted to capacities and adult learning needs.

We are experienced in facilitating cohort engagement through professional linkages with government, business and international networks, and delivering applied outcomes.

Trade training programs

These training programs help to develop the capability of industry, government and trade officials to navigate and negotiate current trade issues, implement regulatory reforms and ultimately enhance their capability to participate in international trade, boost economic development and alleviate poverty in their countries and regions. 

Professional Certificate in International Trade

The Professional Certificate in International Trade will provide you with a practical understanding of current international trade and investment issues, the political dynamics of the negotiating environment, and the opportunities and challenges presented to businesses by the globalised economy.

Master of International Trade and Development

The Master of International Trade and Development instils in graduates an understanding of global, national and regional trade, investment and development issues, and the ability to design and implement sound policy to achieve good governance and negotiate effective trade agreements.