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Economic Development, Trade and Value Chains - Tashkent

R Pomfret Tashkent

On 18-21 June 2019, Richard Pomfret gave an intensive seminar to PhD students in Tashkent on Economic Development, Trade and Value Chains, focusing on potential for future trade between Central Asia and the EU. 

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Developments in the WTO Appellate Body

James Bacchus 4

The Institute for International Trade hosted a visit and public lecture by Professor James Bacchus on 14 June 2019. Professor Bacchus currently serves as a Distinguished University Professor of Global Affairs and the Director of the Centre for Global Economic and Environmental Opportunity at the University of Central Florida. He was a founding member, and twice Chairman, of the Appellate Body of the WTO and served as a former member of the US House of Representatives.

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The US & the WTO: Taking Stock of Recent Trade Strategy Manoeuvres


Peter Draper, Executive Director, Institute for International Trade, University of Adelaide
How to make sense of recent manoeuvres amongst the major trading powers in relation to the WTO? The US is at the centre, so it is necessary to start there. Executive Director Professor Peter Draper reflects on these dynamics following recent travels to Tokyo, Geneva, and Florence.

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Asia-EU Trade Workshop and Roundtable

Florence Workshop Roundtable Discussion.1

On 31 May and 1 June 2019, both Prof Richard Pomfret Jean Monnet Chair in the Economics of European Integration and Prof Peter Draper Executive Director for Institute for International Trade participated in a Workshop and Round Table discussion on Asia-EU Trade at the European University Institute in FlorenceItaly.  

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