Book Launch: Export Restrictions and Export Controls, with focus on the US-China Semiconductor War.

Dr Umair Ghori

Dr Umair Ghori

Representing a continuation of the debate on export restrictions and export controls, this book navigates the complexities of international trade law.

Under the aegis of global security, it features a number of diverse yet interconnected topics on export restrictions and export controls and highlights the multi-faceted trade, economic, and security challenges faced by developed and developing countries.

The author will focus on chapter 6, covering the US-China semiconductor war and how it is impacting on the global trading system.

Moderator: Professor Peter Draper, Executive Director, Institute for International Trade

About the author

Dr Umair Ghori (LLB (Hons) (London), LLM (UNSW), PhD (UNSW) teaches Contract Law, International Investment law, and International Trade and Business Law. He researches in the field of international trade and investment law with a focus on exploring regulatory issues from a policy perspective. Dr Ghori’s research has explored diverse trade policy themes such as global trade in textiles and clothing, trade and investment regulation in renewables, social license to operate in the live export sector, use of regulatory leverage in the Australian gas sector, and the use of export restrictions in international trade. 

His work has been published in well-regarded journals in Australia, Asia, and the UK. He has authored two major monographs in the field of international trade: "Global Textiles and Clothing Trade: Trade Policy Perspectives" (2012) and most recently, “Export Restrictions and Export Controls: From WTO to the Realm of Global Security" (2023). He was also the lead editor of the book “‘Globalisation in Transition: Human and Economic Perspectives’, (2023, Springer) and previously served as the Editor of Bond Law Review (2014-2018).


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