Jean Monnet Network: Trade & Investment in Services Associates (TIISA)

The Jean Monnet Network Trade & Investment in Services Associates (TIISA) brings together leading academics and key institutions in domestic regulation and global governance of international services trade and investment flows to form a cross economy consortium of academics across Europe, Australia and Asia.

The Jean Monnet TIISA Network: 2021 Annual Conference & PhD Workshop.

The TIISA Network held its Annual Conference theme: “Trade and the digital transformation of services”. November 8 -12 2021
Hosted by Örebro University School of Business. Sponsored by Erasmus+, Hosted by AI-Econ Lab, Örebro University, Sweden; partner Ratio and Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum.



TIISA POLICY BRIEF: The EU Digital Market Regulations: Rule-Maker or Deal-Breaker?

Prepared by Hildegunn Kyvik Nordås, Magnus Lodefalk and Joakim Wernberg. Jean Monnet Trade and Investment in Services (TIISA ) Associates.



Our partners

Together, these partners have the cumulative expertise, international perspectives and geographic reach to significantly advance research and teaching on EU trade policy and promote wider understanding of the process of globalisation and the role of the services sectors in our economies at a global level. The network will take a deliberately cross-disciplinary approach to activities, spanning economics, statistics, law and business innovation, to enable coverage of the various modes of international delivery of services and to allow proper coverage of a wide variety of regulatory issues across the globe.

  • Steering committee

    Industry Professor Jane Drake-Brockman: Network Director, The University of Adelaide

    Jane Drake-Brockman is an expert on international trade and regional integration and widely recognized as Australia’s foremost industry expert on services competitiveness and trade in services.  She joined IIT in 2015 after 3 years with the International Trade Centre (Geneva).

    Jane teaches Trade in Services in the MITD programme and has previously taught Macroeconomics for Business Executives in the MBA programme at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Current research includes the impact of new technologies and digital trade. Recent publications include “Potential Benefits of an Australia-EU Free Trade Agreement: Key Issues and Options”, The University of Adelaide Press, Oct 2018 (co-edited with Patrick Messerlin) and 'Services', Global Value Chains Policy Series, World Economic Forum White Paper, Geneva, June 2018.

    Jane is the Founder of the Australian Services Roundtable, the peak business body for the services industries and co-convenor of the Asia Pacific Services Coalition. She has served on the Board of the International Chamber of Commerce in Australia, on the Executive Committee of the Hong Kong Coalition of Services Industries and as convenor of the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC) Taskforce on Services. She was a central architect of the APEC Services Competitiveness Roadmap and is credited in the literature with the original business-driven idea behind the plurilateral TISA negotiations in Geneva.

    Jane is a former senior Australian diplomat, serving as Chief Economist in DFAT, as Assistant Secretary, Services & Intellectual Property Branch and Minister/Charge d’Affaires at the Australian Delegation to the EU in Brussels.  She studied Economics at the Australian National University as a National Undergraduate Scholar and started her career as the first female cadet with the Australian Treasury.  Before joining DFAT, she spent 8 years at the OECD Secretariat (Paris) and 2 years with the Commonwealth Secretariat (London). 

    Professor Joseph Francois: Co-Director, World Trade Institute

    Professor Joseph Francois is Managing Director and professor of economics at the World Trade Institute of the University of Bern since 2015.  He also serves as deputy director of the NCCR Trade Regulation.  Previously he was professor of economics (economic theory) at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz.  He is a fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research in London, director of the European Trade Study Group and the Institute for International and Development Economics, senior research fellow with the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies, and a board member of the Global Trade Analysis Project.  Earlier posts include: professor of economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam, research economist for the World Trade Organization, and chief of research and acting director of economics for the U.S. International Trade Commission.  He studied economics at the University of Maryland and economics and history at the University of Virginia.

    Associate Professor Magnus Lodefalk: Co-Director, Örebro University

    Associate Professor Magnus Lodefalk is a senior lecturer in economics.  As a trade economist, he has broad experience of analysis of international trade and trade policy, with a focus on the WTO. Lodefalk has headed capacity building in the area as well as lectured extensively on issues related to international trade and trade policy.  Lodefalk's current research is focused on structural changes in business - such as the servicification of manufacturing - and on the drivers, barriers and effects of globalisation.  His research on globalisation has a particular emphasis on the role of international networks and migration for firm internationalisation.  Associate Professor Lodefalk is a member of several networks, including MONA, GTAB and OUTSEED.

    Dr Hein Roelfsema: Co-Director, Utrecht University

    Dr Hein Roelfsema is A/Professor for International Economics and coordinator of the Master International Management.  He is also Director of the University’s Center for Entrepreneurship, was on the board for the University’s knowledge valorization policy implementation, and chairs the combined Dutch Centers for Entrepreneurship.  He has vast experience in external trade policies of the EU, having served as trade policy expert in many Phare project in the 1990s.  After that, his attention shifted to EU trade relations with Africa, where he became one of the leading experts in the Economic Partnership Agreements.  Most of his recent academic works focuses on foreign direct investment in Asia and internationalization of firms from emerging markets.  Dr Roelfsema holds a PhD from Utrecht University and is widely known as radio commentator for the leading Business News Radio on international economics and investments.

    Professor Ingo Borchert: Sussex University

    Professor Ingo Borchert joined the Economics Department at Sussex as a Lecturer in January 2012.  He has been an Economist at the World Bank from 2008-2011, where he helped construct the global Services Policy Restrictions Database.  His research interests focus on trade in services and the impact of regulatory measures in major services sectors on market structure and performance in developing countries.  He has also studied services trade flows during the recent financial crisis, as well as North-South trade flows and the effects of preferential market access for developing countries.  He holds a Ph.D. in Economics and Finance from the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland, where he has also taught development economics.

    Professor Bryan Mercurio: Co-Director, Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Professor Bryan Mercurio is Professor, Associate Dean (Research) and Vice Chancellor’s Outstanding Fellow of the Faculty of Law at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Professor Mecurio is a leading expert in the field of international economic law (IEL), with a particular interest in WTO law, the intersection between IEL and intellectual property rights, free trade agreements and increasingly international investment law.  He is the author of one of the most widely prescribed case books on WTO law (2018 3rd edition, Hart Publishing, with Simon Lester and Arwel Davies) and editor of the leading collection on bilateral and regional trade agreements (2015 2nd edition, Cambridge University Press, with Simon Lester and Lorand Bartels).  He has published articles in all of the leading trade journals (some of his work is available for download ) and maintains an active consultancy for governments, industry and law firms.

    Professor Xinquan TU: University of International Business and Economics

    Professor Xinquan TU is Dean and Professor of the China Institute for WTO Studies of University of International Business and Economics located in Beijing, China, also where he received this Ph.D. in international trade in 2004.  During 2006-2007, he was a visiting scholar at the School of Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins University.  In the summer of 2009, he was invited as a visiting fellow by the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP).  He conducted his research on the GPA under the WTO Secretariat for three months in 2011.  He was also a visiting scholar at SWP (German Institute of International and Security Affairs), Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterrey, and Indiana University on a variety of trade topics. His research and teaching focus on Chinese trade policy, WTO, Government procurement, US trade policy, and US-China trade relations.

    Professor Shin-Yi Peng: National Tsinghua University

    Shin-yi Peng is a Professor of Law at National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) and the Associate Dean of NTHU’s College of Technology Management.  Prior to her current position, she was on secondment as Commissioner at the National Communications Commission (2012-2016). She was the Director of the Institute of Law for Science and Technology at NTHU (2007-2012). Member of the New York Bar.  She has spoken at the WTO Headquarters in Geneva and various international conferences in Europe, America and Asia.  She serves in an advisory and consultative capacity to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, advising the government on trade law and policy issues.  She is a member of the Indicative List of Governmental and Non-Governmental Panelists for resolving WTO disputes.  She was an Executive Council member (2012-2016) and is Co-Executive Vice President of the Society of International Economic Law (SIEL).

  • Policy briefs and opinions

    Title  Author Paper No. 

    Services Trade Governance in the Digital Economy

    Globalization on hold or in reverse?

    Hildegunn Kyvik Nordås

    Magnus Lodefalk



  • Working paper series


    Building Competitiveness in Digital Services: Policy Do’s and Don’ts for Developing Countries

    Prof Rupa Chanda 2021-13
    The Landing Zone in Trade Agreements for Cross-Border Data Flows Dr. Pascal Kerneis 2021-12
    Digital Trade & the WTO: Negotiation Priorities for Cross-Border Data Flows & Online Trade in Services  Jand Drake-Brockman, et al 2021-11
    Reversal of trade liberalization and emerging market firms’ exports Laura Márquez-Ramos, Harry Wardana 2021-10
    6 Degrees of Separation: The Topology of E-commerce 

    Nicholas Frank 2021-09
    What do Americans want from a U.S. – UK Trade Agreement? Analysis of USTR’ public consultation. Gabriel Gari & Yulia Dragunova  2021-08
    Digital services taxes, trade and development   Patrick Low   2020-07
    Services Liberalization and Product Mix Adjustment: Evidence From Chinese Exporting Firm 

    Zhuoran Bai 

    Shuang Meng

    Zhuang Miao

    Yan Zhang 

    Corresponding Banking Relationships & EU-African Services Trade Flows  Solomon A Olakojo  2020-05
      Olaronke T Onanuga  
    Decomposing International Trade in Commercial Services  Christopher Findlay, 2020-04
      Xianjia He,Hein Roelfsema  
    Executive Summary - Digital Technologies, Services & the Fourth Industrial Revolution  Drake-Brockman (lead author) et al 2020-03
    Digital Technologies, Services & the Fourth Industrial Revolution  Drake-Brockman (lead author) et al 2020-02
    Trade in Telecommunications & international trade agreements  Hildegunn Nordas 2020-01
  • Research Grants


    The TIISA Network offers research grants of between €500 - €5000 to support research in the field of trade and investment in services and which improves knowledge of or contributes to the process of European economic integration in services.

    Targeted research themes include:

    • Services trade and investment policy-making and implementation
    • Digital aspects of the EU Services Directive and single market and the implications for harmonisation of domestic regulation across the EU Member States
    • Best practice in managing global and regional mobility of services providers
    • EU approach to Investor/State Dispute Settlement
    • Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on global and EU trade in services
    • Digital trade and e-commerce

    Round 1 2020

    Professor Jane Drake-Brockman Institute for International Trade, The University of Adelaide
    Professor Hein Roelfsema Utrecht University
    Radka Sabolova - PhD Student Orebro University
    Aili Tang - Researcher Orebro University
    Harry Wardana - PhD Student Institute for International Trade, The University of Adelaide
    Yi Zhang - Associate Professor Xian Jioatong University

    Round 2 2020

    Professor Jane Drake-Brockman

    Institute for International Trade, The University of Adelaide

    Nicholas Frank - Lecturer & PhD Fellow

    Australian National University

    Radka Sabolova  Orebro University 

    Round 3 2021

    Hildegunn Kyvik Nordås

    Orebro University 

    Round 4 2021

    Hildegunn Kyvik Nordås Orebro University
    Hein Roelfsema, Christopher Findlay, Shane Zhang Utrecht University
  • Young Scholars Award

    Eligible candidates

    • PhD and PhD-equivalent Students, Young Professionals and Early Career Researchers


    • The paper must address issues related to international trade and investment in services.  Where possible, it is anticipated that the issues will have relevance to the process of economic integration in services and to be relevant to current issues in the European Union.
    • The author(s) of the paper should possess or be engaged in the process of gaining a PhD or PhD-equivalent degree, be a young professional or a researcher at an early stage of their career.  Applicants will be asked to provide a statement from their supervisor or a senior colleague to establish that this condition is met.
    • In the case of co-authored papers, this requirement shall apply to at least one author.  
    • To be considered for the award, essays cannot exceed 10,000 words.


    Round 1 2020

    Zhuoran Bai Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing China  
    Shuang Meng            Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing China  
    Zhuang Miao Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing China  
    Yan Zhang Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing China  
    Olaronke Toyin Onanuga Centre for Economic Policy and Development Research, Ogun State, Nigeria  
    Solomon Abayomi Olakojo University of Ibadan, Ibadan  

    Round 2 2021

    No eligible candidates 

    Round 3 2021

    Josh De-Lyon University of Oxford & CEP
    Ziyaad Ebrahim The University of Adelaide 




The WTO is back in business?

Industry Professor Jane Drake-Brockman, Institute for International Trade, The University of Adelaide and Founding Director of the Australian Services Roundtable, writes for the Council on Economic Policies (CEP) urging immediate more widespread support for the multilateral trading system.



Back from the Brink! The WTO gets on with Serious Business.

Anthony Patrick Dela Pena Chua is Lead Staffer to both the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) Philippines and the Philippine Services Coalition.
Jane Drake-Brockman is Founder and Director of the Australian Services Roundtable and a co-convenor of the Asia Pacific Services Coalition.
Some matters are too important and the benefits too great for the global trading community, to let another postponement of the WTO Ministerial Conference get in the way of timely joint action.



Why Abandoning the WTO E Commerce Moratorium is a Terrible Idea

Jane Drake-Brockman is Industry Professor, Institute for International Trade, Convenor of the JM Network, Trade & Investment in Services Associates (TIISA), Member of the G20 Trade and Investment Research Network (TIRN) and Founder and Director of the Australian Services Roundtable.
Services stakeholders around the world are banding together as never before in a last-ditch effort in the lead up to the 12th WTO Ministerial Session in Geneva on 30 November. Many issues are at stake, but one stands on a pedestal of its own; the WTO moratorium on customs duties on electronic transmissions.